June 2019
Directing & Editing

Running out of time

Project: Running out of time

Feel is young company that creates once a week an event to party and have fun. They wanted me to show the night that they put in place near La Seine in Paris. I had experiences with night clubs before an knew that there were gonna be a struggle to film and that i couldn’t really plan anything out. So i really wanted to base the idea of this video around the real happiness and different type of fun things people did during the night.

The editing was the biggest part of the video, where i could assemble the best parts of the night in a way that shows people having fun. The intro scene describes the madness of the night to come. We then can see a girl that has a mask created by myself to show that in these type of nights you can be anyone and have fun. When i get to the DJ, there is like this western vibe to the song where we get slow-motion shots of him making his magic, to really create a different vibe, as he his making people move ! The second part of the video is like the second part of a night, where the alcohol kicks in and everything becomes fast and intense.

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