October 2019
Directing & Editing


Project: Machoman

Matchoman was one of my first big projects to do as an independent director. We had a big long writing process where we wrote all our ideas to really bring out the essence of what this song was all about. I wanted to symbolize how in this “macho” vision of the actor’s world all the woman resembled the same with a clean makeup i designed on the eyes, giving them a sense of power of unity. 

We wrote with the client all the scenes we had in mind, the most powerful one is the intro scene, where the camera traveling was broke down into two shots. The actor gets up to leave his one night stand to go write about his problems, exposing two worlds, his guilty view of being a macho and being a macho. The process of the video has a big evolution, that's where the editing took a big part in it. We see during part one of the music video woman with no identity, no character presence. The middle of the clip we have all the woman united as one, talking other the man and imposing themselves. At the end the actor becomes part of them. Free from being a macho.

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