About me

Owen Lightning

My name is Owen Lightning, I am 22 years-old.

Passionate about video games since the age of 16, I made my first projects for video game organizations under the pseudonym Ligie.

I then created a very responsive audience to my work. This made me very demanding in regard to the quality of each video. I interacted with my audience by editing my projects live on Youtube.

After more than 200 video montages, notably on the video game Call Of Duty and more than 10,000 subscribers on Youtube, I decided to switch to other forms of videos and montages. I pursue my passion by making videos for event organizations in Paris such as the Mix Club, the Vip Room and the Debonair Cafe.

Since June 2018, I have been making short skateboard films alongside these projects, an environment that I continue to explore This was followed by the production of my first music video "Machoman" in November 2018, an ambitious project that will have taken several months to see the light of day. Subsequently after an internship at Walter Films I was able to work for luxury brands such as Chanel Yves Saint Laurent in the following areas: editing, retouching and motion design video.

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